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We ask readers to vote for or suggest the next, best tagline for NickerNews. One lucky participant will get a t-shirt!
Ode to Summer and Horses
We celebrate summer and horses with a fun NickerNews video. Video and still images of horses in all weather, in beautiful Iowa. Produced by Maddy Butcher Gray of NickerNews.
Dr. Steve Peters discusses Evidence-Based Horsemanship
In an interview with Western Horseman producers at the Horsemen's Re-Union, Dr. Steve Peters discusses the development of the book, "Evidence-Based Horsemanship" co-authored by Martin Black.
Maine Horse Trail feedback
Looking for feedback on what Maine trail riders want on horse trails.
Prized TLAER horse injured
Torque, a TLAER demonstration animal, is injured on Prince Edward Island, during A lift demonstration.
Horses Hunker Down in Summer Storm
We watch these horses choose to stay outside, away from the barn when a severe storm hits the farm. By Maddy Butcher Gray, for NickerNews.
Heat and NickerNews produce video
Another fun video produced by Maddy Butcher Gray. Pep mentors new girl on the fine details of jailbreaking.
Lost Buckaroo Finds His Groove
Carlos Macias, owner of Lost Buckaroo, excels at making armitas, chinks, chaps.
Covering New Ground: Mini at Tufts, part II
Marsha Craig writes about her therapy visits to Tufts with her miniature horse, Lily
Confidence in Riding
Maddy Butcher Gray writes about confidence as it applies to riding and horsemanship.
Hog Hunting by Horseback, part III
Dr. Rebecca Gimenez recounts the adventures of hog hunting with David Grant and his Marsh Tacky horses in South Carolina.
Covering New Ground: Mini therapy horse visits Tufts
Marsha Craig relates the first visit by a miniature horse to a major Boston medical facility. She and Lily visit Tufts Medical Center
South Carolina Hog Hunting, part II
Dr. Rebecca Gimenez continues her recounting of a hog hunting day with David Grant and his Marsh Tacky horses
Developing a Leadership Feel
Nancy Lowery of the Natural Leader discusses the idea of Developing a Feel for Leadership in the corporate world
Temple Grandin's Straight Talk
Temple Grandin spoke with farmers and animal handlers at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, Maine